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Our wines

The Queen of Beaujolais Crus

Tended by 150 vinegrowers, Cru Fleurie owes its light feel to the protection it gets from the crests of Avenas, Durbize and Les Labourons. Backing onto this hill chain, the Fleurie vineyard makes the most of decomposed pink granite sandy soil. It is this very specific terroir that gives the wine a refined and elegant robe as well as the floral notes that are the basis for the ‘feminine’ description.

However, Fleurie wines remain distinctive. Notes of iris, violet and peach perfectly add to and fill out the bouquet, guaranteeing a fleshy mouthfeel.

Though the appellation sounds feminine, the name Fleurie had got nothing to do with nature. Instead, it is said to come from a Roman Legionary called Florus. He seems to have settled on one of the hills overlooking the vineyard. However, there is no proof to this story; no matter, legends are often more magical than reality.

Our wines

Refined and elegant flavours

Our wines

Fleurie wines boast a certain mild feel that is unique compared to the other Beaujolais appellations. However, it is difficult to pick out just one characteristic for all the bottles crafted in our vineyard.

The land here is 90% made up of pink granite that has undergone slow erosion. It is this uneven decomposition, combined with the many different soil depths that engenders wines that are unique and distinct from vintage to vintage. When grown on granitic soil, Gamay gives powerful and colour saturated wines.

Significant differences in wine personality have been noted, depending on the lieu-dit or named area they come from.

In all cases, the attack of a Fleurie is generally forthright, acidity is quite low and the tannins are mellowed. With their really rounded mouthfeel, these Beaujolais are as good as an apéritif as with red or white meat. In keeping with the theme, why not serve one with a heavenly Beaujolais andouillette!

Fleurie is a vineyard not only to be savoured, but also to be visited. Its qualities mainly lie in its extraordinary location, protected from inclement weather. The terroir also plays a role in the wine’s fruity and floral flavours. One does, however, have to remain wary of the ‘feminine wine’ myth. Not only do women enjoy forceful Crus, but Fleurie boasts a whole palette of nuances that, at times give the wine a bouquet that is the epitome of finesse and at others one with really full-bodied structure. All in all, the best thing to do is to come and taste the wines on site and make the most of vibrant Beaujolais nature at the same time!

Tasting in a nutshell

Distinguishing features: radiant, fruity, refined

Nose: iris, violet, rose, red fruit, vine peach

Eye: carmine red robe

Palate: elegant, refined

Excuses to enjoy it: apéritif, a celebration meal

Culinary matches: roast with apples and chestnuts, whole herb crusted salmon and roast vegetable

Serving temperature: 12 – 14 °C, 53 – 57 °F

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